Teltek 300 Series

The 300 series phones are flush fitting, in-wall mounted units primarily designed for internal use and where aesthetics is an important consideration. They are fabricated from marine grade stainless steel with either brushed metal finish or powder coated in a range of colours. They come in a variety of standard sizes and configurations and custom design options are available. Some models are IP66 rated while others are simply “weather resistant”. All exposed screws and fittings are tamper proof to ensure maximum vandal resistance.

There is an extensive range of both loud-speaking and handset models to accommodate virtually any situation. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements


The most popular variant of the 300 series is the TT-308-xxx which is available in either handset or loudspeaking version. Analogue, SIP, and 3G models are available to suit any connectivity requirements..






Analogue Models

  • TT-308-011     Loudspeaking, Single button.
  • TT-308-021    Loudspeaking, Two button.
  • TT-201-031    Loudspeaking, Three button.
  • TT-201-101     Handset, Hot Line
  • TT-201-111      Handset, Single button.
  • TT-201-121      Handset, Two button

SIP Models

  • TT-308-012     Loudspeaking, Single button.
  • TT-308-022    Loudspeaking, Two button.
  • TT-201-032     Loudspeaking, Three button.
  • TT-201-102     Handset, Hot Line
  • TT-201-112      Handset, Single button.
  • TT-201-122      Handset, Two button

3G Models

  • TT-308-013     Loudspeaking, Single button.
  • TT-308-023    Loudspeaking, Two button.
  • TT-201-033     Loudspeaking, Three button.
  • TT-201-103     Handset, Hot Line
  • TT-201-113      Handset, Single button.
  • TT-201-123      Handset, Two button