Austec provides cost effective professional CCTV solutions to meet virtually any security and surveilance requirements. We service the domestic, commercial, and industrial markets.

Austec will design, supply, install and maintain a security camera system to meet your specific requirements, either as a standalone system or fully integrated into access control and alarm systems.

Our technicians are fully licensed and receive regular training to ensure industry best practices and relevant standards are met. We only supply quality products that are fully covered by genuine warranty provisions.

In the domestic situation the primary purpose of CCTV is to detect and deter would be intruders and to record burglars, trespassers, vandals etc for subsequent identification and apprehension. In reality, CCTV will not totally prevent property crime but it will significantly reduce the risk and vastly improve the chances of apprehending the villian and recovering stolen goods.

In commercial and indstrial premises such as shops, offices, warehouses etc the basic security requirements are similar to domestic situations but in addition they may require more sophisticated features such as face recognition, people counting, number plate recognition, PTZ movement tracking, covert cameras etc. Austec is able to offer a range of very sohisticated options available using state of the art cameras with inbuilt Artificial Intelligence.

Many insurance companies offer significant disccounts on home and content insurance premiums if professionally installed CCTV systems are fitted to the property.

Austec partners with a select number of reputable distributors and manufacturers in order to offer a comprehensive range of top quality products to meet any operational requiremnt in a price range to fit your budget.

Contact our CCTV product specialist on 1300 663 442 to discuss your specific requirements.

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