Cambium Networks empowers millions of people with wireless connectivity worldwide. Thier wireless portfolio is used by commercial and government network operators as well as broadband service providers to connect people, places and things. With a single network architecture spanning fixed wireless and Wi-Fi, Cambium Networks enables operators to achieve maximum performance with minimal spectrum. End-to-end cloud management transforms networks into dynamic environments that evolve to meet changing needs with minimal physical human intervention. Cambium Networks empowers a growing ecosystem of partners who design and deliver gigabit wireless solutions that just work.

Cambium Networks manufacture a vast range of wireless and WiFi products for numerous applications. The following list is just a sample of some of the more popular products in the range. For information on products to suit your needs phone us on 1300 663 442 or email us with your questions.

cnPilot r195W Home Router

Cloud Managed Residential Access Point

The cnPilot r195W provides a low cost and robust performance home WLAN solution to extend the end-to-end broadband service all the way into the subscriber home. With five Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual WLAN radios, the r195W easily connects all the devices in a home for an optimal experience streaming movies, sharing social media or Internet browsing.

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cnPilot r195P Wi-Fi Router

For Residential and Small Business, 802.11ac Dual-Radio, 2×2

The r195 series provides robust Wi-Fi performance to match and exceed the expectations of the modern family anywhere on the globe. As social media, streaming media, work-from-home and school-from-home increase, the need for high-performance Wi-Fi is here today. Don’t be trapped by old 802.11n technology.

r195P delivers two ATA ports for VoIP, and Cambium 30 V power out for a Cambium PMP or ePMP fixed wireless subscriber module.

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For those places you couldn’t connect before, Bridge-in-a Box will get you there today.

Thousands of small businesses and residential users are using Bridge-in-a-Box to wirelessly extend their networks by simply connecting point A to point B. Each Bridge-in-a-Box comes with two wireless radio modules and power supplies that can be used to extend your network from wherever you have an Ethernet port to wherever you need one from 20 meters to 8 kilometers away.  The modules are extremely easy to deploy as they come pre-configured and pre-paired to connect.

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cnPilot e510 Wi-Fi Access Point

Gigabit IP67 802.11ac wave 2 Outdoor Access Point

Standards based beam forming Wi-Fi for the Outdoors – Enterprise and Industrial campuses, Public Wi-Fi, Hospitality, Education institutions or just about any demanding outdoor environment requiring cost-effective, controller managed WLAN Access Points.

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cnPilot e700 Wi-Fi Access Point

cnPilot™ e700 Enterprise Outdoor APs feature Gigabit throughput, 802.11ac Wave 2 standard with beam forming for superior outdoor Wi-Fi for enterprise campus, hospitality, higher education and public Wi-Fi applications.

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ePMP MP 3000 MicroPOP Fixed Wireless Access Point

The ePMP™ MP 3000 is Cambium Networks’ MicroPOP solution for WISPs and enterprise network operators. The MicroPOP MP 3000, part of the ePMP portfolio, injects additional capacity where it is needed most and extends network coverage in a cost-effective, lightweight manner.

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ePMP Force 300-13L

5 GHz Subscriber Module

Wireless service providers and enterprises around the globe are challenged to deliver reliable connectivity in overcrowded RF environments. As spectrum becomes an increasingly scarce commodity, finding the right broadband connectivity solution is vital for all low- and high-density deployments.

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